There Are No High School Coaches Pushing You in the Real World

An Anschutz Success Story: Connor Schwarzinger

I’ve stayed fit since high school. However, I’ve experienced injury that has set me back considerably. Unfortunately, this caused me to change my outlook on fitness, making it more difficult to commit to staying healthy and fit. But I still want to stay active for those I love, and I want to stay that way for a long time to come.

The challenge? I’m no longer in high school with coaches who can push me. Overcoming injury and getting back to keeping fit, I’ve been challenged by not being able to consistently push myself. Without high school coaches in the real world, it’s very tempting to take it easy. My body responds to that. Negatively.

But Anschutz has allowed me to improve my fitness and durability. The classes I take have been a huge stepping stone. And my friends who join in ensure that I keep pushing myself. It’s definitely what I need to make sure I don’t have an “easy” day. The instructors know that when I want to take a break, they can tell me to keep going. Some push me especially hard because they know I can go further.

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And that’s the trick, really. Consistency and accountability are the keys to success, so trusting my friends and trainers is what makes the difference. We push each other to get better. Life can become extremely stressful and the daily grind can be exhausting. At Anschutz, you can find a healthy way to relieve that stress.

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