Post Cancer, I Continued My Life-Long Passion for Running

A Fitness Success Story: Grant

I have a life-long passion for running. So, when I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer that required immediate surgery, I never imagined it would be possible to regain my healthy and fit self.

Only 12 days after surgery, I was jogging and quickly got back on track. Of course, my commitment and goal of being able to finish a half marathon were great drivers for me. But I’m confident that the people at Anschutz are what made the difference.

At the center, the Run Club program offered a goal, a comprehensive training program and philosophy. My coach kept me from overtraining, teaching me to trust the process of running and recovering. Before long, I was running farther than ever, at an unprecedented pace. He was also a huge support during unexpected difficulty. I completed the Colfax Half Marathon, feeling great throughout at a 9:05 pace. I came in at 1 hour, 59 minutes—my personal record!*

Grant 1

Thanks to the center, I’m living a strong, healthy and fit life, and I know that I can continue running for a long time. I don’t want to struggle with injury any more. And now that I’ve built the endurance to go farther and faster, I want to keep going. I will certainly take on more half marathons, and now is probably a good time to think about a full marathon.

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*Individual results may vary.

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