Staff Highlight: Courtney Kiang, RDN

Courtney Kiang, RDN, is a culinary educator and registered dietitian who has been sharing and exploring her talents at the CU Anschutz Health and Wellness Center since 2019. Before joining the Wellness Center, she worked in various positions doing worksite wellness, outpatient support, cooking demonstrations and providing an overall healthy environment for employees, customers and patients. 

As an integral part of our campus and community team at the Wellness Center, Courtney provides CU Anschutz students, patients and visitors with nutrition education and interactive cooking classes. She helps lead a free cooking class geared towards CU Anschutz students called CU Eat Well, which was originally started to help combat food insecurity on campus. In these classes, students cook alongside the instructors and other students and learn how to make vegetarian, budget-friendly recipes while learning nutrition tips along the way. She’s also excited to unfold the new and revamped “FreshTake” cooking classes, previously known as Culinary Medicine, starting in January 2023, where she hopes to bring a more fun and exciting twist to cooking, while still keeping health and nutrition in mind.

Courtney and her team also partner with the Marcus Institute for Brain Health (MIBH), an organization that helps care for Veterans and First Responders while in recovery and treatment for traumatic brain injury. During the three weeks each MIBH cohort spends on campus, Courtney and her team provide a nutrition education session and an in-person cooking classes that feature recipes and foods that are linked to brain health and inflammation reduction. Courtney enjoys her time with the MIBH patients and is honored to be able to provide a fun and interactive, yet educational and informative program for them.

Courtney is thankful for her time at the Wellness Center and expresses her passion for her job through her work every day. She truly enjoys the community she’s able to reach and is proud of the impact the programs have on campus wellness. She describes her job as an “incredible opportunity” that she’s fortunate to have.

The Wellness Center hosts several different cooking and nutrition classes led by registered dietitians, just like Courtney. Learn basic cooking skills and nutrition tips and sign up for a class today