Provider: ACE - American Council On Exercise
Type: Online Course
CEC Credits: ACE 0.5 CECs

Please noteYou will earn CECs as indicated below for each individual course you complete. If you have previously earned CECs for any of the courses in the bundle, you will not earn credits for those courses again. You may check your course history in your My ACE Account.

Learn Effective Tools for Strength Training

Muscular fitness helps much more than increased strength—it also decreases the risk of injury, makes it easier to reach weight goals and enhances quality of life. Whether it’s applying the basic elements, coaching those affected by obesity or mastering the kettle bell swing, the Foundations of Strength Training course bundle will help you create a safe, evidence-based strength training regimen for your clients.

Courses include:

Strength Training for Clients Who Have Obesity: A trainer’s guide to analysis, design and execution (0.2 CECs)
Strength training is incredibly effective in managing obesity but requires exercise programming and coaching geared towards clients in larger bodies. Dive into the latest neurological research on obesity to help you understand how to design safe and effective strength training movements for your clients.

Kettlebells: Mastering the Swing (0.1 CECs)
The kettlebell swing is a surprisingly intricate movement that includes various muscle groups and coordinated focus. Learn how to perfectly execute the kettlebell swing, how the kettlebell helps build overall strength, and how to program kettlebell workouts based on an individual’s strength and ability. 

Strength Training Essentials (0.2 CECs)
Address the key factors involved in resistance training—from the physiological and psychological benefits of strength training to an overview of muscle structure and function. In addition, get a detailed look into the basic elements of safe resistance training and an inclusive review of research-based training recommendations.