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From food and healthy recipes to fitness exercises and research studies, the AHWC blog offers expert health and wellness advice.

Staff Spotlight: Anita and Taylor

March is National Nutrition Month, and what better way to celebrate than to get to know two of our registered dietitians (RDs)! We caught up with Anita Bancroft and Taylor Larosee to learn about their roles, nutrition programs at AHWC and more. What are your primary responsibilities as an AHWC community programs RD? Anita Bancroft…

Meet Melissa Lanes: A Day in the Life of a Registered Dietitian

Melissa Lanes, MS, RD, CSCS, CHES, is a registered dietitian (RD) and professional research assistant at the CU Wellness Clinic at Anschutz Health and Wellness Center (AWHC). She integrates her broad experience in health and wellness through her various responsibilities as a dietitian, coach, and researcher. We recently sat down with Melissa to learn about her…

8 Tips for Safe Summertime Grilling

By Lisa Wingrove RD CSO | Manager, Campus and Community Initiatives Summer is here, which means it’s grilling season!  Grilling is an easy way to cook a tasty meal without heating up your home. More importantly, how we prepare and cook our meals can impact our health, a concern for cancer survivors or those trying…

22 Effort-Free Ways to Improve Your Health and Vitality

Your health should always be a priority and the good news is, it’s not as difficult as we think because when it comes to boosting your vitality, it’s the little things that count. Nutrition Tips 1. Keep a one-week food diary to ensure you’re hitting all your nutrient goals (try using the free app MyFitnessPal).…

Fuel Your Body Early and Often

We follow a general plan of eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Still, as we become more and more invested in our health and wellness, many articles have suggested skipping breakfast, eating smaller portions, or eating less or more of one thing is better for your body. It’s a complicated issue. However, we believe that consistency…

Top 10 Foods for Healthy Brain Function

Making small changes to the way you eat can help support memory, brain function, and brain health now and later in life.  Below are suggestions to incorporate into your nutrition plan so you can enjoy the health benefits these brain-boosting foods bring to the table. Water The brain is more than 60 percent water by weight, so…

How to Grow Sprouts

Sprouts are a nutritious vegetable that offers many benefits for overall health. Have you tried growing your own? It’s easy to do! Items: Sprouts (bean, grain, vegetable, or nut) Water Glass jar Sprout tray or: Colander Bowl Direction: 1. Measure out about 1/3 cup of sprouts (bean, grain, vegetable, or nut) and rinse them under…

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