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From food and healthy recipes to fitness exercises and research studies, the AHWC blog offers expert health and wellness advice.

Reducing Holiday Stress with Yoga and Meditation

Has the end of the year got you feeling scattered or stressed? You’re not alone! While the end of the year is a great time for reflection and enjoying time with friends and family, the actual enjoyment often gets lost in the midst of to-dos, holiday parties, and travel plans. It’s important to give yourself…

New Equipment Has Arrived

We are extremely excited that our new line of cardio equipment has arrived prior to the New Year! Technogym and VersaClimber are our providers of choice. Not only has their equipment design and user interface improved dramatically since our last round of purchases, now Techongym cardio is connected by the mywellness mobile app which allows…

What is Smart Start?

So you’ve decided to get fit. But have you really thought it through? What exactly are you going to do? What’s realistic? How much is too much? And, most importantly, what’s the secret to sticking with it? All of our Les Mills classes* are designed to allow participants to ease into the program, starting by…

Is Sautéing Or Frying With Olive Oil Bad For Me?

Recent headlines lead us to believe that although olive oil has many health benefits, it becomes “toxic” when heated. Here are the truths: According to the American Heart Association and the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, olive oil is a heart healthy, anti-inflammatory, monounsaturated fat, protecting us from cardiovascular disease, stroke and “free radicals” –…

An Aston® Kinetics Initial Assessment: What can you expect?

The way we look at posture in Aston® Kinetics is a little different than some other modalities. My goal is not to get your posture to match a visual idea of what good posture looks like. Rather, my goal is to help you achieve a balanced alignment that works with your body’s unique history and…

Healthy Holiday Nibbles

Looking for a couple of easy recipes to serve your guests or take to a holiday gathering this season? Try two of our favorite Healthy Holiday Nibbles! Chili-Salt Edamame Ingredients 14 oz. (1 3/4 cup) of frozen edamame in pods, defrosted Olive oil spray 1/2 t kosher salt 1/2 t chili flakes Preparation 1. Preheat…

Take Back the Holidays with 4 Stress-Busting Methods

“Happy holidays!” It’s the greeting we give and receive from just-after Thanksgiving, to right after the New Year. Yet, how many people actually feel happiness and joy during this time? Forty-five percent of Americans would prefer to skip Christmas, according to a survey from Think Finance and reported on www.nbcnews.com. And, a new study from the…

7 Ways to Healthier Holiday Travel

Tis’ the season for holiday travel. And, with travel can very easily come backslidden ways when it comes to eating and exercise. We’re here to assure you it doesn’t have to be that way. EXOS has developed the following easy-to-manage travel tips that will help ensure the holidays don’t derail your healthy habits. Pack a…

The Science of Stress: Getting to Good

When we think about stress or being stressed, there’s a negative feeling that follows. After all, with synonyms like strain, pressure, worry, anxiety, trouble, and difficulty, the connotation by nature is a negative one. However, not all stress is bad. There is a level of stress that is good for you. It’s called eustress (/yo͞oˈstres/) and it’s the kind that…

What the Heck is Resiliency Anyway?

Increase resilience and reduce stress and revitalize your body and mind What does it mean to be resilient? It means you have the ability and the power to overcome challenges of all kinds—trauma, tragedy, personal crisis, stress. Basically, life, right? Resiliency is the ability to face setbacks, failures, pain (both emotional and physical) with confidence…

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